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Home technology trends for 2011


Urban Intelligence director Dr. Lior Rauchberger gives his expert opinion on trends that will be seen in 2011 relating to electrical and automation solutions.

Dr Rauchberger appears on Triple M Radio’s The Hot Breakfast regularly, as the segment’s resident ‘tech guru’. He formed Urban Intelligence to deliver home automation and technology solutions based on the gap in the market.

Technology trends in the home for 2011:

3D and web enabled television sales will increase with the introduction of 3D programming

Current initiatives are being set up by the government to ensure newly built and renovated homes will have a 6 star rating from May 2011, which will mean there will be an even greater focus on home based technology systems that can save on power and water usage. Urban Intelligence has already received a lot of interest at the moment, because people want to save on their energy bills and are mindful of their carbon footprint.

There will be further integration of the iPad and smart phones in home technology systems. Users of iPads and smart phones will have the ability to control lighting, AV equipment and other features in the home all via touch-screen technology, which are user-friendly and less bulky than earlier models.

Further development and upgrades of security in the home. For example, biometric fingerprint technology and surveillance systems.

More people will be looking to ‘future proof’ their homes, by upgrading wiring and cabling systems to ensure their homes are ready to accommodate advancements in technology. For example, with the national plans to roll out broadband and connect internet to our homes via fibre optic cables, homes will need to be equipped to facilitate this development.

In addition to trends in the home, Dr Rauchberger is noticing other electrical trends set to take off in 2011:

The use of the iPad and smart phones will continue to advance the way we do things. From security surveillance with iPhones, to psychologists utilising iPads and other technology devices to consult with patients via video conferencing. Technology is becoming more and more integrated in our lives.

As mentioned above, there is also more focus on energy efficiency with people wanting to have greater control of their energy consumption

A trend that is present, but set to advance is voice recognition technology or voice activated technology. It is a favourite trend of Dr Rauchberger as it makes things simpler, is accessible to the majority of the population, and is user-friendly. At present, voice activated technology is being developed to allow people the freedom of updating Facebook or texting while driving without the use of buttons to ensure their hands remain on the wheel.

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