Technology and trends
Vinyl is back, with audiophiles and musicians alike getting behind the format, recording new music and building better quality turntables for a new generation of enthusiasts. Local turntable maker Vince Hamilton speaks to Paul Skelton about building the perfect record player.
Golf simulators are a popular form of recreation overseas, and they’re starting to make some headway locally. Paul Skelton looks at everything an integrator needs to know if asked to install one here.
17 September 2013
If you've put together a sound system for a flat panel TV recently, you've probably been tempted to try out a soundbar. Don't, writes Anthony Grimani.
Home automation has been around for longer than most people would realise. Jean-Marie Liere looks at some of the products that have had a significant impact on the development of the industry.
Under the Privacy Act, requirements dictate how you should handle your clients’ personal information. Michael Leahy advises Callum Fitzpatrick on how you can stay on the right side of the law.
If we are to believe the major newspapers and current affairs programs, retail is in trouble and the whole country is buying off the internet. And when you see some of the price advantages when retail or distribution costs are avoided, you can be forgiven for supporting the online world here and there. But you run the risk of importing nothing but problems.
13 September 2013
A dozen years ago there was a strong push to replace the compact disc. As Stephen Dawson explains, it hasn't worked out the way it was planned.
The most confusing aspects of digital products are often the HDCP and EDID, and the closely related DDC and 12C. Luxi Electronics chief executive Xiaozheng Lu looks at how to navigate the technology to avoid problems.
10 September 2013
While questionable in the past, wireless audio is emerging again. And it's giving wired systems a run for their money. Paul Skelton reports.
10 September 2013
A new series of international standards are redefining the way audio and video equipment streams around the home. Paul Skelton reports.