Technology and trends
The rollout of in-home displays across Australia aims to help revolutionise the way consumers understand and use energy. Dimi Kyriakou reports on the latest updates from the sector and how electricians can continue to make the most of this business opportunity.
With the passing of legislation that will abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Paul Skelton looks at what’s next for the electrical industry.
17 October 2012
Do you want to join the growing telecommunications industry but aren’t keen on spending 40 hours a week in a classroom? You could always join the Army.
A new technology based on inductive coupling allows for safe and efficient power transfer without the need for cabling. Callum Fitzpatrick reports.
These days, the vast majority of homes have routers, but some installers are getting them wrong. Richard Mullins and Michael Staindl from Recluse AV get back to basics.
The supply of neodymium, a rare earth metal that is used to manufacture the majority of magnets and tweeters in speakers, is rapidly depleting. Dimi Kyriakou explains how this will impact the production and price of loudspeakers in the custom installation industry.
The modern day LED was born 50 years ago this month. Jeanine Chrobak-Kando, Business Development Manager at Verbatim, describes how far the lighting technology has come in such a short time.
Despite offering the perfect solution to the bane of 3D viewing (crosstalk), the Sony HMZ-T1 personal 3D viewer comes with some very obvious tradeoffs. Stephen Dawson explains.
Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee will compete in a number of new and emerging markets that require low power wireless connections and interoperability with other devices. Key battlegrounds include connected home devices (remote controls, TVs, STBs, etc.) and wireless sensors (medical, health, sports, home automation, etc.).
A recent survey conducted by the Kaufman Foundation with entrepreneurs at the Inc. 500 Conference revealed that the biggest impediments to growth are finding qualified people and managing fast growth (which represented 61% of the impediments facing fast-growing companies). Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest report.